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    The Hungarian Orchid Society

    The Hungarian Orchid Society (Magyar Orchidea Társaság) was founded in 1976. Its primary purpose is to nurture the professional and social relationships of members who deal with orchids professionally and as an enthusiast, which it seeks to promote by organizing club events, lectures, and conferences. The company's basic purpose is also aimed at nature and environmental protection, especially the protection of domestic orchid species.

    The Hungarian Orchid Society maintains its own professional magazine entitled Orchid and Bromeliad, in which you can read current news, care guides, collection presentations, and which members receive for free. He also assisted the birth of very popular books on the subject, such as "Getting Started" or "Orchids Blooming in the Cool".

    The MOT organizes professional visits for members to Hungarian and foreign horticulture, exhibitions and twice a year - in spring and autumn - organizes its own orchid exhibition in Budapest with thousands of visitors, where members can present their flowering plants, visitors can listen to lectures on orchids and buy plants.

    In 2012, the Hungarian Orchid Society will host the European Orchid Congress and Exhibition, held in different countries every three years, with 30,000 visitors from home, Europe and overseas, and with orchid traders from all over the world, with a rich selection of goods for lovers of orchids.

    The Hungarian Orchid Society is waiting for everyone who lives in the magic circle of orchids, bromeliads and tillillias!

    Further information, application, contacts: +36 30 6989 755 or