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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy
    Data Management Contribution Statement

    By completing this form, I expressly consent to the processing of my personal data provided voluntarily above by XXXXXXX as a Data Controller for the purpose of withdrawing my consent, with a view to making offers to me for purchase.



    6/1, General Information

    Marczika Gardening and Trading Ltd. - hereinafter referred to as Marczika Ltd. - is interested in and committed to respecting the data of its users.
    In connection with the operation of the website, Marczika Kft. Manages and maintains customer data, which are described below and communicated to us in the manner in which it is stored, handled, and for what purpose - or the user may delete the data about it from our database.

    6./2, Recording personal data, processing data and using it

    In any case, the data we handle is derived from data voluntarily provided by the user / customer. We also provide, record, and use this information with your consent - subject to the following terms and conditions.
    We will not disclose the information provided to third parties, subject to the following exceptions. One of the exceptions is to forward the data required for the courier service to the ordered home (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address - required for the delivery of the home delivery address). The other exception is when we issue personal information to a third party if an authority or court explicitly obligates Marczika Kft.

    6/3, Security

    Marczika Ltd. keeps the data provided to it safely and securely stored and protected by unauthorized persons.

    6./4, for the personal data of minors

    Marczika Kft. Does not collect data from which the age of the buyer / user can be inferred. If you are a legal parent, representative, supervisor or guardian of our user and become aware that your child's minor data has been recorded, we will delete it at your request.

    6./5., Deleting and modifying the personal data provided

    Our users and customers are entitled to modify or delete the data they provide to us, or to consult them with Marczika Kft. We will try to respond to such requests as quickly as possible, but we can do so either in the form of a letter or e-mail, or in person at our site. These requests can be made / requested at:

    Mailing and location address: Marczika Kft. - 2030 Érd, Napvirág utca 4-2. Tel: +36 23 375 094 Mobile: +36 30 680 5420
    e-mail address:
    Marczika Kft. May refuse the requests / requests specified in Section 5 if it is specified in the law.

    6/6, Responsible for Data Management:

    Marczika Gardening and Trading Ltd.
    2030 Érd, Napvirág u 4-2.
    Tax number: 13324711-2-13
    Business Registration Number: Pest County Court, 13-09-099915