Orchideacsodák - Orchid soil, Together cheaper, Potted planting package 2.
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    Potted planting package 2.

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    Planting package for potted orchids include:
    2 pcs 4 liter Hoch...

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    Planting package for potted orchids include:

    2 pcs 4 liter Hochwertiges planting media
    3 pcs pots of 12 transparent orchids
    3 pcs transparent 15 orchid pots
    3 pcs of 17 transparent orchid pots

    2 x 4 liters of planting medium is roughly enough for the listed amount of orchid pots.

    The clear plastic orchid tile is light-transmitting, ensuring that light also reaches the orchid roots, as is customary in their natural habitat.

    Hochwertiges orchid planting medium is an extremely high quality lumpy orchid planting medium. Contents:

    Medium-grained bark: ensures the aeration and acidic pH of the planting medium.

    Sphagnum moss: its ability to retain moisture is excellent, it can absorb ten times its own weight, it gradually releases moisture. It softens and acidifies the stored water, making it more usable for the plant and ensuring the moisture of the planting medium.

    Charcoal: it contains essential trace elements for growth, as well as it can bind many harmful substances, thus preventing the rapid rot and rot of the planting medium. It has a healing effect, charcoal-coated wound surfaces heal faster. Thanks to its spongy structure, it also stores air and moisture.

    Coconut fiber: good water retention.

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