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Aeschynanthus Lipstick Black Pagoda

6.500 HUF

A rúzsnövény egy gyönyörű virágos ...

Hoya carnosa f.variegata

4.800 HUF

A Hoya carnosa f. variegata őshonos Kelet-Ázsiában &eacu...

Dischidia ruscifolia

35.000 HUF

An ornamental plant characterized by tiny green stiff shoots. Ruscifolia is native to the Philippines, where it lives in dense clumps and clusters, mostly clinging to tree branches. Its tiny white flowers open in large quantities...

Phalaenopsis liodoro - fragrant orchid

6.375 HUF7.500 HUF

The Phalaenopsis - also known as the butterfly orchid world - is a particularly lovely "creature" of the liodoro. Its bright green leaves and fresh, medium-sized flowers...

Dischidia ruscifolia 01.

9.500 HUF

A Dischidia ruscifolia egy dekoratív növény,vir&aac...

Zootrophion sp

4.930 HUF5.800 HUF

Zootrophion sp

4.930 HUF5.800 HUF

Total: 8 product