Is Phalaenopsis the orchid of butterflies or the butterfly of orchids?
szept. 22.

Is Phalaenopsis the orchid of butterflies or the butterfly of orchids?

Is Phalaenopsis the orchid of butterflies or the butterfly of orchids? We leave this question open because not only do we not know - that is, it would have been too serious to think about it for ourselves, but it is also feared that we would not go anywhere with the answer. Or yes?

No. I do not think so. Not at all. But for sure, Phalaenopsis (pronounced: falenopsis) is a genre among orchids that can always be said, “There’s more to it!” ... What do we mean by that? When at home we already believe that we have butterflies of all kinds and colors, we always come up with a new color. When there is an old and capital plant in the collection that sheds more beautiful flowers on more than one flower stem, it always turns out to be higher ... When we think we know everything about butterflies, suddenly breeders in Taiwan say a new color scheme with a new pattern. Are we insisting? Yes. Oh no. But! Okay, but how?



Basically, the topic seems inexhaustible. But it's not. Because the nature of “immersion” is that as many times and as we immerse there will be so many things in the thing and that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve exhausted the topic. It's like music. If we have a favorite song then we will definitely not only listen to it once. Isn't that same the orchids too?


We can't know all the music!

Not only can we not know all the music - I mean orchids, but it practically can’t (at most temporarily). It is a physical inability to keep all the newly discovered species or created hybrid in a “target cross” and to be up to 100% up to date as the meteorologist predicts. For us orchid lovers, it is more important that we feel good among our collection and from time to time we can show you a slice at an orchid exhibition.



Anyone who is lucky enough to see a Phalaenopsis show or world exhibition in, say, an Asian country is guaranteed to have their chin dropped. Not only because the organizers of an orchid exhibition of this order and rank always set the bar high, but also because we admit that the environment of orchids is so astonishing in such quantity and quality. This is exactly what we like and love and we are sure we can say this on behalf of any orchid collector. There's a phrase like, "I'm beyond butterflies already." This phrase is a phase because walking through the path of orchid gathering may come sooner or later, but it is almost certain that in some subsequent phase one will be "forced" to somehow fill the void caused by the omission of butterfly orchids. We are suddenly weakened by the sight of a more interesting Phalaenopsis orchid and there is no going back. But why would one resist his own passion? You must know questions like "You don't know someone who has a Sogo Vivien for sale? You know, the striped leaf." ... Or "Now there's no liodoro at home. It should have a blooming one. It smells so delicious!" ... Or "Imagine , I got a Phalaenopsis 'Budapest' butterfly and it is blooming! "... Are you familiar? We have heard such and similar issues, news and counted smiles countless times. Because we know the "problem" and usually even think good about these wonderful orchids.




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