Liodoro - A fragrant orchid from the world of Phalaenopsis
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Liodoro - A fragrant orchid from the world of Phalaenopsis

Liodoro - A fragrant orchid from the world of Phalaenopsis. Who wouldn’t like an orchid that not only has a beautiful but even a delicate scent? In fact, it’s not hard to keep - it’s especially easy to care for. It can also be a wedge for the apartment, with a beautiful pot and tip-top interior design element. Its flower plays in cyclamen, pink and yellowish hues and unlike most butterfly orchids, the flower stem and leaves are brighter, more vibrant green. It blooms for a long time - so we can feel its soft scent for a long time, which creates a good enough atmosphere in the apartment. A real enjoyment article among orchids and good to look at at any moment.


Liodoro is not a new thing anyway. It has long been known among orchid lovers and holds its prestigious position, which stems primarily from its inexorability - and partly from the fact that it is never overcrowded with commercial shelves. Interestingly, it is not a very intense-looking plant and yet is more sought after than most Phalaenopsis. Perhaps because the overall picture is more lovable than for many other hybrid orchids. The size of the flower stalk is more proportional to the leafs and the size and number of flowers than for many other Phalaenopsis.

When it comes to caring for a plant, there are simple things to think about. It can be irrigated in the same way as other Phalaenopsis orchids and its nutrition is the same as them. Perhaps there is so much difference in the planting medium that it is usually planted in a slightly smaller grain size bark (but its roots also develop easily and well in the traditional orchid bark). With it you should also avoid the scorching sun and if possible keep it in diffused light but by no means in a dark place.



  • Put it in a bright place - but don’t let the sun set on it
  •      Add Hochwertiges orchid nutrient solution from time to time
  •      If possible, water by immersion
  •      Transplant annually into fresh Hochwertiges orchid planting medium - if not in bloom




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