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    Welcome to our website!

    The family business, basically dealing with bonsai, orchid and tillandsia cultivation and trade, was founded by András Marczika, a certified horticultural engineer, in 1993. It has been operating as Horticulture & Trade Ltd. since 2004. Marczika Horticulture & Trade Ltd. provides retail and wholesale services in the areas of ornamental plant production and sales of bonsai, orchid and tillandsia, as well as various propagating materials. In addition, since 2004, Götsch & Fälschle GmbH, Schumann, Fackler Gewächshaustechnik, Urbinati and Patzer have been providing technical and technological responses to modern horticultural needs.

    The company's nursery garden is located in Érd, Napvirág utca 4-2. It also houses a flower shop. Since 2011, Marczika's Horticulture and Trade Ltd. has been growing continuously and has expanded its activity to e-commerce, offering bonsai, tillandsia and orchid holders not only a rich variety of plants, but also all the tools and accessories needed to keep them.

    Who are we and why was this site created?

    The website and webshop were created in 2010 by the orchid collector Borbála Kovács. Its aim was to launch a themed website dedicated exclusively to orchids, where shoppers could choose from a wide range of orchid supplements, from popular hybrids to botanical orchid rarities, to meet the needs of orchids. He also kept in mind that visitors should get as much information as possible about the needs, habitus and keeping of orchids. He also wanted to make the website a community-forming space, which was finally realized on the Facebook page connected to, where orchid lovers can share their experiences, the joy of success caused by flowering plants and flowering orchids, or even ask for advice in problematic cases.

    Orchid miracles have now become a well-known concept among Hungarian orchid collectors and orchid fans. The Orchid Miracles changed ownership and operator in December 2012, and since then the website and the Orchid Miracles themselves have been taken over by Marczika Horticulture. Marczika Gardening is happy to do this, as it is very close in its spirit and purpose to what the Orchid Miracles started and represented at every moment. It can be said that everything will go the same way it has gone so far, in the old wheelhouse.

    The offer of Orchid Miracles has previously included a good number of orchids from Marczika Horticulture. This will continue to be the case, the quality of the orchid supply will not change, it will only change in scope, because Orchid Miracles can now offer a much wider selection.