The unparalleled wildlife that has formed on Earth includes countless fascinating animal and plant species, among which the most beautiful and interesting creatures are orchids. Because of their eye-catching variety and special habitus, their flowers are able enchant not only the insects that pollinate them, but also humans.

Contrary to popular belief, many species of orchids - and especially their hybrids - are fairly easy to grow and flower according to one or two principles, and due to their habitat and species diversity, there is no home where orchids cannot be kept. The only rule is to think about what conditions we could provide for the plant and choose accordingly.

In the bright window of a small home of thirty to forty square meters, a magnificent florarium can be created even in a superimposed aquarium from miniature orchids. In a 100-150 square meter apartment, there is already room for larger specimens that can be seen as a solitaire, while those with a garden can even build a greenhouse for their pets.

We can only give a very superficial description of the impressively diverse family of orchids in this place, sharing the most basic information with the reader. In order to acquire a more thorough knowledge, a number of books and publications available in Hungarian will help you, and in the webshop we will try to give approximately accurate care instructions when describing each species. However, there is no substitute for the experience I have accumulated over the years. So it's worth getting involved in collecting orchids today!