Orchideacsodák - Distribution of orchids according to heat demand
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    Distribution of orchids according to heat demand

    Winterhouse orchids
    Orchids living in the high mountains of the tropics can be classified as greenhouse orchids, whose winter night heat demand fluctuates between 8 and 12 degrees, but can withstand both lower and higher temperatures. Some species can withstand the summer heat we have, some species do not. To withstand the great heat of summer, we can help the orchids in the greenhouse by watering their land in the evening and humidifying them so that the night
    to cool off.

    Temperate orchids
    Temperate orchids are relatively easy to grow in our climate because it is hardly different from their original tropical environment, at most we need to pay more attention to irrigation and humidity. In winter, the night temperature between 12 and 17 degrees is ideal for them, which can be provided in a cool room, hallway. However, many species thrive well at room temperature of 17-18 degrees at night, so they can be kept indoors.

    Greenhouse orchids
    Greenhouse species require a night temperature of 16 to 20 degrees even in winter, although flower formation can be aided if the night temperature drops occasionally to 14 to 15 degrees. Most greenhouse species do not have a rest period and require heat, humidity and high humidity almost all year round. The only exceptions to this are a few orchid species that require dry wintering in addition to warm and high humidity.