Tolumnia hawkesiana - a small orchid from Cuba
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Tolumnia hawkesiana - a small orchid from Cuba

Tolumnia hawkesiana - a small orchid from Cuba right off the north coast of Cuba - on the east side of the island. They used to ask; Yet what does such a tiny orchid survive? Of course, it settles mostly on bushes and shrubs and its tiny pointed, fan-shaped leaves and thin white roots form impenetrable colonies. It is a species of the genus Tolumnia that can practically be said to have been known since 1986. Of course, it existed before, but it was then first described, then discovered, and then introduced to orchid lovers.


Nursing and care

Its light demand can be set at a light level of 20,000 - 30,000 lux. In practice, this means that he needs a relatively strong diffused light (he must also be protected from the direct rays of the southern sun so that it is not scorched).
In terms of temperature demand, it can be kept in the apartment both in winter and in summer - with which you communicate your heat demand with the temperature of the season and / or the heating season. In a word, where we feel good there he is. To successfully keep cork in the long run, humidify your immediate surroundings a bit - even by spraying your foliage with water.
It is worth thinking about your water needs that although it is often recommended to irrigate with plenty of water, the roots should be able to dry out relatively quickly (this is not really difficult to achieve in an apartment).
During the active growth of Tolumnia hawkesiana, it is recommended that the plant be diluted weekly with an overdiluted orchid medium to ensure a continuous and balanced supply of nutrients.



Let's not just drive, let's relax her!

In winter, you need less water to relax and develop ideally. Nevertheless, of course, do not dry out for more than a few days. Feeding is reduced in winter until the water requirements of the plant increase as the spring days lengthen. These little attitudes will help make the plant bloom - which of course is not a secret goal either ... You can expect pale pink fresh flowers with 2 to 4 flowers per shoot.


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