Our bonsai and orchid exhibition at OMÉK 2019
szept. 26.

Our bonsai and orchid exhibition at OMÉK 2019

We are invited to this year's OMÉK event to make an exhibition of bonsai, orchids and tillandsias. We were delighted with it, as the task was fitting, and we also selected material to show some of our plants and collections. We displayed the plants we wanted to show in an articulated manner and arranged a pergola installation for the orchid and tillandsia exhibition - behind which was a classic bonsai exhibition. We put on display a number of well-known and special orchids and carried bonsai trees that could have been on the Noelanders Trophy, whether they were from Japan or from other renowned European collections. There are two main groups of exhibited bonsai species - trees native to Japan and Europe, while orchids would prefer to simplify the choice of the two main categories for plants that are terrestrial or epiphytic.


We continue to tell you to come and see our exhibition and if you feel like it, we have also given you the opportunity to buy from us! ;)

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Place and time:

Hungexpo Budapest Convention and Exhibition Center

Address: 1101 Budapest, Albertirsai út 10.

Event time: September 26-29, 2019.

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm


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