Exhibition of Approaches to Japanese Culture - Bonsai and Orchid
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Exhibition of Approaches to Japanese Culture - Bonsai and Orchid

Exhibition of the approaches of Japanese culture - bonsai, orchid and hospitable installation on the tatami. The Autumn Horticultural Days 2019 took place in Budapest on the Buda Campus of Szent István University. This time we were in a segment of the exhibitions where the topic was how we welcome a Japanese guest at home. It was necessary to create a mood that conveys the characteristics of Japanese interiors and showcases elements of Bonsai and Japanese flower arrangements. We thought about this topic, which was mostly based on the question of what if someone else likes / loves Japanese culture and maybe deals with some slice of it? Our answer was a snippet of an example, a fictional situation where a host is a man who deals with bonsai trees - this apple doesn't fall far from us. To make it more colorful and not to exhibit a simple tree, we smuggled a couple more items into our installation, which was helped by the Kitsimono Contemporary Art Workshop. The exhibited Carpinus coreana (Korean Hornbeam) bonsai donut was presented in a Koyo Japanese bonsai bowl and placed on a bonsai table with tatami. We brought along an old Japanese bronze ikebana bowl and served the Japanese tea ceremony and supplies with ikebana making - that was the Kitsimono workshop's exercise. Interestingly, there were some who doubted that the Ikebana composition arranged from Phalaenopsis orchids would stand the test with fresh flowers during the event, but as we had hoped, it withstood it and it was worth putting it in a vase. If you think about it, it can't be a question - as in Japan, Ikebana works are not made for hours or two.

Add peace of mind!

When making a bonsai composition for a guest, it is appropriate to give for the guest a more relaxed atmosphere. It fits because it is a symbol of peace and does not distract from a harmonious plant about companionship, togetherness and occasion. At the same time, beauty and pleasant amazement give due respect, and of course, it does not turn us off (as well) ... We also associate orchid ikebana to make the immediate environment more pleasant and to enjoy these light plants - so these they do not distract us, they just make the sense of space more enjoyable at a party. What a much better mood for have a rest! Added to this is the calmness of Japanese green tea and the fact that not only Japanese guests can / should meet this way. Whoever comes to you or meets anyone, blow up the apartment by putting out a bonsai or orchid! If you need a fresh orchid or a new bonsai, all you have to do is look around our webshop or our nursery.



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