Butterfly orchids for interior design - colors and harmonies
szept. 24.

Butterfly orchids for interior design - colors and harmonies

Butterfly orchids for interior design - with a multitude of colors and harmonies. Whose cult, someone challenging, who plays a light home flower of the Butterfly Orchid. Who puts one - one, who piles up and foams in space if you want to see Phalaenopsis flowers in the apartment and of course there are those who go out - pointing at the passers-by on the street, they put their small-town ledges to represent a kind of wealth and sophistication. Most people feel that the sight in the plastic pots of the store is a bit snagging, so they prefer to keep it in orchid pots rather than on a plastic tray. There are those who go further because they love the special and the beautiful. It’s not always easy to serve the plant in a way that fits the design of our own home and even makes the result for us. We looked for a solution to this problem in the greenhouse of Orchideacsodák and we liked the result so much that we quickly added it to the offer.



As long as the set lasts, you can also choose from them and we hope that you will also like to keep the orchids in a more "design" way. Because that's just a good thing. It's a good thing, as is the blooming orchid, and now the autumn is still beautiful, but by the time we think the zimankó is good to arm itself with warm colors inside the apartment - for the sake of a better comfort zone, of course. The basket that contains the orchids is lined with foil and is not taken out of the pot to make it easier to handle even after your daily routine. Thus, the basket and its decorative white drapery frame do not get wet with watering either. Thanks to the execution of the composition, it can be a really pleasant decoration for our home or office. In its appearance, it fits nicely into almost any style of interior, its atmosphere brings freshness to everyday life. Its care is, of course, the same as that of Phalaenopsis orchids, which of course is evidence in their case.


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