Orchid for your flat and planthouse

One will first notice the imposing flower Phalaenopsis available in horticulture and flower shops. He marvels at their beautiful flowers, their strange roots, the unusual planting medium. He buys the first copy, and from now on there is no stopping, the collecting passion starts. We need the other hybrids first, then the botanical plants with special flowers, from the miniatures to the meter specimens that displace other houseplants, or maybe we’ll build a greenhouse for them in the garden.

Collecting orchids is a real passion that, while it can be difficult, is a great pleasure. With us you can get the most interesting plants, the accessories needed to take care of them, or you can simply enjoy the countless species. Welcome to the wonderful world of orchids!

Working with plants means having the opportunity to relax at the same time, raise the atmosphere of our apartment or garden and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If entertainment becomes a hobby or a passion in the meantime, then we are on the best path possible ...